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IncrediMail® Tech Support from Certified Technicians

Welcome to IncrediMail Support Page

If you are using IncrediMail 2 email application, you must be enjoying its impressive features and animated emoticons. It provides you a technological freedom to give your personal touch to every feature and service that you use for your email communication. Amidst its useful features, IncrediMail does have exposure to some sorts of technical problems that may happen to your email client application at any point in time.

Sending/receiving issue with IncrediMail 2 is one of the most common issues that almost every user comes across while using the application. Due to one or another reason, you will probably find the email application plagued with the problem. Though the issue can easily be fixed by tweaking some options within the IncrediMail 2 settings, yet it is necessary to approach an experienced technician for a reliable IncrediMail technical support.

When you encounter the issue, your email server throws error messages with some clues that why the issue has occurred. Though the list of error codes is very large, however some of the important codes have been mentioned below:

  • 421 Service not available. The server is shut down
  • 432 Problem logging in
  • 450 Mailbox unavailable
  • 452 Insufficient system storage
  • 530 Authentication required
  • Socket Error 10040 Message too long
  • Socket Error 10060 Connection time out, etc.

These are some common errors that take place when you find your IncrediMail not sending or receiving emails. Moreover, some textual errors do also happen when the email application develops a certificate issue.

Here is how you fix the problem:

First of all, you will have to reconfigure the settings of your IncrediMail email account. Though your IncrediMail 2 email includes your important information and attachments, you should always be aware all the time while reconfiguring the email account. So before you begin the process, you would better have an access to a reliable technical help for IncrediMail 2 email account configuration.

To reconfigure the email settings, go through the following steps:
  • Click the 'Tools' menu in main window and choose 'Email Accounts...'
  • It opens up 'Mail Accounts' wizard, click 'Add' or 'Remove' to configure the email accounts.
  • Finally, you get a new setup wizard, select your email account and reconfigure it.

If these steps don't work for your IncrediMail 2, you should try adding/removing your email in other client application so as to check the settings. Else, dial IncrediMail tech help phone number and get a real-time solution to your IncrediMail email application.

It is important to note that the methods mentioned above are recommended only for AOL, Gmail, Windows Live/Hotmail, or Yahoo! Account. Whichever you want to reconfigure in IncrediMail email client app, just follow the instructions or access a reliable support for IncrediMail if you want to solution instantly.

Get Support @ 1-800-961-1963

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