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IncrediMail® Technical Support and Help

Welcome to IncrediMail Support Page

Without an email application, we cannot think of a smooth lifestyle - as it allows us to communicate with others, share images, and other important tasks that could never be possible without an email application. And we can see, email applications are being advanced in such a way that they now stand more useful.

IncrediMail email application is one among very few apps that brings in innovative elements and cool features. As its name suggests, IncrediMail introduces a variety of features that are eminent and exceptional. Animated icons, sounds, 3D effects, artistic emoticons and impressive layout take the email experience to a new amazing level.

Similar to other email applications, your Incredimail is also exposed to some common technical errors. As some of the users have experienced, sending/receiving error messages are very common issues that almost all the users have come across. As the IncrediMail technical support website says, there are so many sending/receiving error messages caused by one or another reasons, but they can easily be fixed if you have a reliable technical support.

While sending or receiving messages from IncrediMail, you may come across a number of error messages. These messages are generally not caused by the email client application; they are from the Email Server you are connected with, yet they create hurdles and put a stoppage in the way how you communicate.

Here are some common error messages that you may come across: 3-Digit Errors beginning with '4'
  • 421 Service not available. The server is shut down.
  • 432 Problem logging in.
  • 432 The recipient's Exchange Server incoming mail queue stopped.
  • 432 4.7.12 A password transition is desired.
  • 441 Intermittent network connection. The server has not yet responded.
  • 450 Mailbox unavailable.
  • 450 Auto blocked due to too much messages.
  • 451 Local error in processing.
3-Digit Errors beginning with '5'
  • 500 Syntax error, or command unrecognized
  • 500 5.5.2 bad chars in command
  • 501 5.5.4 Invalid Address
  • SMPT 501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments
  • 501 Syntax error parameters or arguments to HELO command
  • 502 Command not implemented
  • 503 Bad sequence of commands
  • 504 5.3.3 AUTH mechanism LOGIN not available
  • 504 Command parameter not implemented
  • 530 Authentication required
  • 530 You must log in to use the server
  • 534 Security problem when logging in
Socket Errors
  • Socket Error 10004 Interrupted function call
  • Socket Error 10013 Access denied
  • Socket Error 10013 Permission denied
  • Socket Error 10014 Bad address
  • Socket Error 10022
  • Socket Error 10024 Too many open files
  • Socket Error 10035 Resource provisionally unavailable/unavailable
  • Socket Error 10036 Operation now happening
  • Socket Error 10037 Operation already in progress
  • Socket Error 10038 Socket operation on non-socket
  • Socket Error 10039 Destination address required

So these are some sending/receiving error messages that you may encounter at any point in time. As it has already been discussed, the error message is not caused by the application; rather there may be some issues in the email server.

If you are looking for Incredimail help visit here to fix any of the error messages mentioned above. Encountering errors is no longer a surprising thing, but looking around here and there for IncrediMail technical support is really unacceptable.

So approach a third party technician and get your problems resolved without wasting much of your valuable time.

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