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IncrediMail® Email Support and Help

Welcome to IncrediMail Support Page

Similar to Microsoft's Outlook email client app, IncrediMail does allow the users to set up another email accounts so as to provide them with an incredible platform and features of IncrediMail with other email accounts as well. Unwiredwest is a popular internet service provider that provides a secure email server to its users so that they reliably change their email address related to their own domain with

If you are using the ISP and you want to set up your Unwiredwest email account in IncrediMail, then just follow the instructions given below and get your Unwiredwest email account with incredible features. But it is important to note, initially, that the internet service provider doesn't offer any type of support either for download, installation, or other features.

Fortunately, there are some independent IncrediMail technicians who offer their best expertise to bring you an instant IncrediMail support for Unwiredwest email accounts.

Here's the process you can follow to configure your email in IncrediMail:

First of all, you need to download and then install the program on your computer. And now click on IncrediMail icon so that you can get the setup wizard. Once you come to the Welcome window, follow the instructions:

  • Give your basic information and click Next
  • Give your name and email address followed by and click Next
  • Now it comes to the Incoming and Outgoing mail server setup
  • Type in the mail server setup settings
  • Now you have to create a username and password

And thus you have now reconfigured your Unwiredwest account in your IncrediMail. But if you want to make the best of it, you need to configure its setup in accordance with your requirements. There is a possibility to witness some sorts of technical issues while processing the above steps. If this happens to you, make sure you have access to a real-time IncrediMail technical help from expert technicians.

As you know, Unwiredwest doesn't offer any kind of support to the issue you are experiencing. That's why you should always be prepared to face all types of challenges related to your email account. It is best to dial IncrediMail Unwiredwest support phone number and stay subscribed to an unfailing technical help service at an affordable cost.

For advanced settings, follow the instructions:
  • Go to Tools and click Accounts
  • Choose your email account in the Mail Accounts and go to the Properties
  • Go to the General Tab and check if the email account given there is accurate
  • Now click Server tab and enter 110 in Incoming mail server and 25 in Outgoing mail server
  • Click OK and close the window

While configuring your email account, there may appear some specific settings required for very particular services. Go through every option and check if they do can help you enhance your email experience. If you don't understand how to tweak them, don't delay and get access to a certified technician so as to get an instant technical assistance for IncrediMail Unwiredwest setup.

Some independent technicians are offering their expertise to help IncrediMail users to get all types of services and support in a real time. But you must not make haste in selecting your technician. Check the credentials properly before you select a particular one.

Get Support @ 1-800-961-1963

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